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Welcome to My Ruby Tuesday, where Tanya and Jason, husband and wife team, curate a collection of eclectic, odd, and beautiful vintage estate jewelry. From 9 to 18k gold rings to Egyptian pins, sterling silver match cases to stunning necklaces, their passion for unique one-of-a-kind pieces with individual stories is evident. Embracing every aspect of the business, from finding and photographing items to writing, marketing, packaging, and shipping, Tanya and Jason find the most joy in building relationships with customers like you.

My Ruby Tuesday is not just an online jewelry store; it's a manifestation of Tanya and Jason's lifelong passion for gemstones, jewelry design and unique items. They continuously hunt for one-of-a-kind pieces, both contemporary and vintage, aiming to captivate your imagination. The site features treasures from estate sales and their unique findings from their travels, ensuring a dynamic and inspiring selection. Explore My Ruby Tuesday – where each piece is a story waiting to be shared.


As caretakers of these treasures, Tanya and Jason take delight in finding them new homes where they can be appreciated, shared, and spark conversations. Witness the joy these pieces bring to customers' faces and be a part of the journey with Tanya & Jason as they continue to inspire through My Ruby Tuesday.

grouping of silver rings on a grey background
gold rings on a hand stacked


Tanya and Jason's journey is a tale of serendipity and rekindled love. Meeting in the 90s, one of their cherished memories involves a road trip in Jason's '57 Chevy wagon from Vancouver BC to San Francisco, stopping at every antique shop and filling the car with treasures. Though life took them on separate paths for 15 years, in 2014, Jason called Tanya, and they rediscovered their enduring love. This marked the beginning of a new chapter.


United by their passion for the hunt and the joy of bringing happiness through unique finds, My Ruby Tuesday was born. The startup of this venture became even more special when, in 2018, during a business trip dedicated to launching My Ruby Tuesday, Jason proposed to Tanya. Their story is not just about vintage treasures; it's a narrative of love, rediscovery, and the shared joy of creating something beautiful together.

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