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2021 Is Well Underway!

Winter continues, blissfully unaware of politics or viruses, and the two of us are thoroughly enjoying it. Since gardening and travelling aren’t options these days, we’ve been hanging out by the warmth of the fire and revising our website. Besides refining the look and feel of the site, we’ve been adding more and more pieces from our stash, making them available online. It’s been great to have the time the reflect on the backstory, craftsmanship, history and creativity of each piece. It’s especially precious, given that we only have one of each piece!

Our winter wonderland

What's New?

Well, besides updating the site, the cold of Winter has forced the temporarily closure of our humble studio, moving our small operation in to the house. In addition to being much warmer, it’s been great to spend even more time as a family, creating memories for a lifetime.

My Ruby Tuesday Studio

What's Next?

Our continued pursuit of new treasures means we never really know what the future holds, which is part of the allure. Modern life can be painfully predictable, and the hunt for new vintage and antique pieces is a welcome respite.

Valentine’s Day is quickly coming up though! A perfect opportunity to show the special people in your life how much you care. Our pieces are as unique and as thoughtful as you are!


There is still time to get the special someone (including yourself) something unique this Valentine's Day. We’re offering 20% off our regular prices through February 14th. Discount will be deducted at checkout!

Be Remarkable. Be Safe. Love and Peace, Tanya & Jason

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